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Test Against The Best

Why Take The Shuttle?                                                                                                                                                              

In the last decade for simplicity of organization and communication college football programs began dividing their athletes up into the following groups.  The feeling was that administering drills and assigning comparative performance objectives tended to be simpler and fairer.


Skill – WR, DB, RB

Big Skill – FB, LB, TE

OLine – OL

DLine – DL

Man RunningHaving a large group of able bodied athletes perform a shuttle test is a good way to obtain estimates of cardiorespiratory  fitness.  The types of shuttle tests a coach may use are seemingly infinite.  The 300 yard shuttle test is very popular and can be administered by running 2×300 yards, 6×50 yards, 12×25 yards or in other manners as long as you have normative data that makes sense.

Man running

When you obtain shuttle times they may have to be adjusted for your population.  Data that you may have obtained from a particular coach or over the internet is often modified based on a coach’s experience and the athleticism of their populace.  The following shuttle times are from a National Championship football program and would be fun to compare your results with the nation’s best.


Two 300 yd shuttles…5×60 yards with 2 minutes rest between shuttles

Must average the predetermined times based upon your football position group regardless of body weight to be considered fit.

Skill            48 seconds

Big Skill       50 seconds

DLine          52 seconds

Oline           54 seconds

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