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Testing Grip

A man performing a grip exercise

There is a significant positive correlation between hand dimensions and handgrip strength. In studies hand grip is the most reliable clinical method of estimating an individual’s overall strength.

In athletics hand length is measured top of middle finger to base of the palm and the hands span taken from the tip of the thumb across the palm to the end of the little finger. Participants with longer fingers and greater surface area are thought to have an edge in catching, throwing, grasping and even physical development.

Athletes have been known to perform deep massages, stretching and perform exercise to relax the myofascia prior to hand measurements to impress professional scouts.

A great way to compare the grip strength of a team is using the Pendulum Grip Pro.

Pendulum Grip Pro

First, find the greatest weight the strongest member of your athletic team can squeeze the weight handles on the grip machine together with zero movement for exactly 90 seconds. Any separation of the handles during the grip test negates the 90 second results.

Once the heaviest weight that can be held for 90 seconds by an individual is determined that becomes the starting weight for the entire group to be tested with the following week.

During the hand grip test each member will try the 90 second hold with said weight, some athletes will come very close to achieving the time, others may not be able to hold the handles closed at all.

Train the hands regularly and test each athlete at the end of every other week. If any one athlete can beat the 90 second time add 2.5 pounds for the entire team the next testing period.

Once the Handles Separate even Slightly the Test is Over

As a coach you will be surprised who achieves the best results and how motivated the athletes are to improve their grip strength. A great way to Get your team Strong.


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