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Text Neck

Text Neck

There are over 6 billion connected phones and then there are iPads, Kindles, computer screens and countless devices that we are using daily that cause us to change our posture.  We also have new related health concerns of neck strain, headaches and pain in the shoulders that come with the monthly 110 billion texts that we send.  There has even been recent speculation that excessive head lean and the atrophy of associated neck muscles may be linked to concussions.  Douglas Scott Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Pingry School explains… Text Neck.

Neck WorkoutWho says technology is not a pain in the neck sometimes?  Now I am not going to long for a simpler time when people actually “talked” to one another or played games that required more skill than “cheetah thumbs.”  I will bring to light a medical issue that is affecting more and more people.  Dr. Anders Cohen, who heads the Neurological and Spinal Surgery Department at the Brooklyn Hospital Center, is seeing more patients with what is now called “text neck.”

Symptoms are a dull ache or a burning feeling that runs up the back of the neck and behind the ears.  Over time the curvature of the spine will start to change, causing more problems.  What is the culprit?  Hours of looking down at cell phones, personal devices, computer screens, etc.

Our modern world is leading to a weakening of the muscles that support the head.  How do we fix this growing problem?  First, stop looking down so much and change the way you view your handheld devices.  Hold them at eye level or limit your usage.  Second, strengthen the muscles that extend the neck.

Pendulum Workout

Text Neck Routine
Neck extension
10 degree tilt
1–arm shrug
“kelso” shrug
Seated Row

Pendulum workout


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