The 2019  Notre Dame Strength and Conditioning Clinic


Friday,  February 22nd, 2019

Jake Flint - “Training the Power: Progression and Application of Olympic Weightlifting”

Matt Balis - “The Notre Dame Standard of Training”

Robert Stiner - “A Foundational Approach to Planning and Periodization”

Ted Lambrinides - “Current Research in Sports Science and its Impact on Strength and Conditioning”


Saturday,  February 23rd, 2019

Lew Carrala - “The No Talent Code”

Chad Smith - “The Power Behind Your Program” 

Ron McKeefery - “Developing David Grimesa Winning Strength and Conditioning” 

Karl Oliver - “ Nutrition for optimal Performance”

Aaron Wellman - “ Programming Considerations”

Ian Bures - ” Mobility and Injury Progressions”

David Grimes - “Training the Total Student-Athlete: A Holistic Approach”


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A great clinic to learn about Getting Strong

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