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The 4 Rep Pyramid

A man bench pressing

Find a weight you can lift four repetitions with, the fourth repetition you must struggle to accomplish.  Divide this best set of 4 reps by .8.  Round the result to determine the factor you will use to figure percentages to set up your routine.


Best set of 4 reps on bench press is 225 pounds

225 divided by .8 equals – 281.25 – rounded to 280 lbs

1 set – 10 reps –   @ 50% of 280 lbs.      = 140 lbs

2 set –   8 reps –   @ 60% of 280 lbs       = 170 lbs

3 set –   6 reps –   @ 68% of 280 lbs       = 190 lbs

4 set –   4 reps –   4 rep starting weight   = 225 lbs

Add 5 lbs or 10 lbs  when you can complete the Pyramid

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