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The Best Way Of Increasing Your Ability To Squat

The Best Way Of Increasing Your Ability To Squat


Tyler Hobson grew up in Anchorage, Alaska.  His experiences, education and his participation in competitive powerlifting led him to become the inventor of Pendulum Strength.  He now lives in Conroe, Texas and continues to design the world’s finest exercise machines. Tyler explains, the Pendulum Squat Pro.

I made the Power Squat Pro to capture all the muscle stimulation of a free weight squat.

Pendulum Squat Pro

There are many athletes who have mastered the squat and are seemingly built to perform this exercise flawlessly. There are many more who have great difficulties due to bio-mechanical weaknesses, injuries from back and shoulder to hands.  There are others whose limb lengths are not conducive to the exercise.

Those athletes with issues must be closely monitored to illicit gains. The Pro Squat was made to address all the aforementioned problems and to maximize growth and strength.

Pendulum Squat Pro

The patented floating yoke allows lifters of all limb lengths to position their bodies  in the same manner as the most bio-mechanically advantaged squatter.

As the yoke floats back and forth, tension is maintained on the targeted area and the ‘core’ is activated throughout the entire movement.

A unique benefit of the machine is the multiple loading positions. The lower weight horns have a strength curve that increase muscular tension as the lifter rises making the exercise more difficult towards the top of the movement. Training this way is similar to training with bands or chains. You will find the resistance is more appropriate for strength training as the design of the machine and its low horn position was made for what the bands and chains are trying to accomplish.

The upper weight horns, when loaded, have a strength curve that increases tension as the lifter lowers his body.  This increases stimulation to the hips and glutes.  Athletes who train in this manner get very strong in the low position which solves many of the concerns that athletes have in squatting.

If you evenly load the machine utilizing the upper and lower weight horns one strength curve comes on and the other drops away and the exercise becomes a barbell squat.

There is no doubt the Pendulum Squat Pro is the best way of increasing your ability to squat.  Is the Pendulum Squat Pro better than a free weight squat?

SquatPendulum Squat Pro

If you ask those who have the device you are going to be very surprised with their answer.

Pendulum Squat ProPendulum Squat ProPendulum Squat Pro

When you are in Conroe,Texas stop by and Get your ability to squat Stronger.


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