As in motorsports there are allotted time sanctions or what is called a stop-and-go penalty for in-race infractions. The infraction in this race is a 5 second penalty for each stop within 100 yards.

The Drive Sled 500

  • Athlete #1 is to push the Rogers Drive Sled 100 yards for time, while his competitor athlete #2 rides on the sled.

  • Any time an athlete stops during the 100 yard push there is a 5 second penalty to be added to the total time of that race.

  • The total number of stops for all 5 races are counted and added up.

  • How long the athlete stops is not timed, as the stop-and-go penalty is always 5 seconds even if the athlete stops for 1 second or 60 seconds.

  • Once athlete #1 crosses the 100 yard mark the total time is collected and athlete #2 immediately begins a 100 yard sled drive.

  • Each athlete must complete 5, 100 yard races.

The Competition

  • The goal is to come in first in at least 3 out of the 5 races.

  • Have fewer total stops adding up all the stops in 5 races.

  • Have the best total time adding up all the times of the 5 races, which includes adding all of the 5 second penalties,

To Win the Drive Sled 500

  • You must win two out of the above three (number of races, less total stopping penalties, lowest total time) - or it will be considered a tie.

LIke any activity fitness is required. Consider starting with 5 - 25 yard Drive Sled races, 5- 50 yard races, 5-75 yard competitions before attempting the big race - The Drive Sled 500

The Rogers Drive Sled