Finish Strong        

This drill is to be accomplished at the end of a strength training workout.

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Set the Cougar Drive Sled on the football field at the goal line. Tape a stop watch to the handle of the Drive Sled so that it can easily be operated by the athlete.  Set cones to mark the designated areas that the sled is to be pushed. A cone should be set at the goal line, 10, 15, 35, 40, 30, 25, 5 yd and far goal line.  Have a recording clip board at the 15 yd, 40 yd, 25 yd, goal line and far goal line cones.  Each interval is to be done full speed and the athlete is to record each time.  There is a 90 second rest between drills.


Goal line - 10 yd line -    (total of 10 yds)       Record time______

15 yd. line - 35 yd line -  (total of 20 yds)      Record time______

40 yd. line - 30 yd line -  (total of 30 yds)      Record time______

25 yd. line - 5 yd line -    (total of 20 yds)      Record time______

Goal line - Goal line   -     (total 100 yds)        Record time______

                                                                  Total time________


When the athlete can beat their total time add 10 lbs to the drive sled.

Get Strong