Handles on exercise machines when grasped are related to a postural form that augments the exercise.  Holding onto the front handles of a Pendulum 4 Way or 5 Way Neck Machine is the basic position an athlete should be in to properly train neck flexion.  After training for 5 or 6 weeks many coaches choose to have their athletes grasp the the seat pad. Being able to shrug during neck flexion allows the trapezius muscles to add momentum to the movement. Holding the seat depresses the traps and makes the exercise more difficult.  The weight previously used must be reduced. 



Once the seat pad grasping technique is mastered and more neck strength gained, to maximally isolate the flexor group, the athlete holds the gripping rail.  The gripping rail is located in the front of the Pendulum seat, in this case behind the lifter.  When doing neck flexion, when the hands are behind the athlete, the traps are negated from adding impetus to movement of the head.  The weight will be reduced once more yet the athlete will Get Strong.




Holding the Grip Rail on the Pendulum Neck Machine