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The Head And Neck Cam

Neck Cam

Pendulum neck Machine
The Pendulum Neck Cam

There are more neck muscles than degrees of freedom, that is, there are more muscles available than the possible ways a person can move their head and neck in space. These numerous individual neck muscles are not activated according to their biomechanics alone which means individuals cannot voluntarily contract isolated neck muscles. The neck combines the biomechanics of muscles and/or groups of muscles to achieve its goals of movement and stability.

Having a redundant system with >25 muscle pairs with multi- joint insertions and complex lines of action makes maximizing training of the head and neck more challenging than other areas of the body.

The Pendulum Neck Machine and its movable face pad on the head and neck cam were built to take into consideration the complexity of head and neck movements and bring the training of this area to its desired maximum.


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