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The Head The Neck

Marking Your Cam

The Pendulum Cam has a unique shape.  The cams adjustment system allows this singular mechanism to train the head musculature, as well as, muscle structures that move the neck.

Pendulum Neck Cam

Maximizing the strength of the musculature that dissipates the sub concussive forces that cause injury is important, training the head and neck is a distinct advantage.  The head musculature tilts the head backwards lifting the chin up and the nodding muscles of the head bring the chin downwards and tuck it.  The neck muscles can be augmented by overloading them in four directions, flexion, extension and right and left lateral flexion.

To train the neck simply leave the selector pin in the first hole and train the neck in all four directions. The machine never has to be adjusted.

Pendulum Neck Cam

Training the head muscles that ’tilt’ the head requires moving the selector pin to the fourth hole denoted by the white line in the above photo.  This trains the back of the heads suboccipital muscles.  This head position is called the 25 Degree Tilt.

Moving the selector pin to the fourth hole from the end of the cam (the black line on the cam above) isolates the longus coli, longus capitis, rectus capitis anterior, as well as, the hyoids.  This motion is called the 10 Degree Nod.

Training the head and neck goes a long way in protecting the athlete when he or she takes the field. Make sure each athlete not only trains the neck in 4 directions, but also does the Tilt and Nod when working out to Get Strong.

Neck Machine


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