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The Hook Grip

A woman performing a grip technique

Having strong hands can change athleticism and change the outcome of competition.

The following classifications of hand grips are used to maximize the development of the intrinsic and extrinsic muscles of the hands. These grasping categories are more general than those used in scientific taxonomy but are important for strength training and rehabilitation. The following blog discussion will be looking at the Hook Grip.

  1. Power Grip

  2. Hook Grip

  3. Ball Grip

  4. Pinch Grip

  5. Finger Ab/Adduction

  6. Precision Grip

  7. Wrist Flexion/Extension

A Hook Grip is training the four digits of the hand while excluding the thumb. It can be done by raising a straight bar wrist roller with just individual fingers or pairs of fingers not allowing the thumb to interact in the movement.

The hook grip with the Pendulum Grip Cart
A Single or Double Digit Hook Grip Wrist Roller

To train all four digits at the same time use a thin straight wrist roller excluding the thumb during the movement. To begin the exercise the wrist roller should rest on the metacarpophalangeal joints, this is where the bottom of the fingers meets the palm of the hand. Each repetition of the roller is completed by the index, middle, ring and pinky finger of one hand then the other. The four fingers on one hand roll the roller up onto the palm until it slightly touches the open adducted thumb.

The Four Digit Hook Grip Wrist Roller
The Four Digit Hook Grip Wrist Roller

The Pendulum Grip Cart provides an assortment of gripping tools for athletic use. To ensure all the hands musculature is maximally trained, have a specific training rule for each type of wrist roller that is being used. The athlete’s will quickly understand the anatomical effect each apparatus has and just like other exercise devices they will begin to gravitate toward the implement  that helps most in their chosen endeavor.



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