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The Mind Matters

The Mind Matters When Producing High Force 

In attempts to flex and extend our finger digits maximally, people rarely generate their optimal force, which results in a ‘force deficit.

When trying to produce force in a particular finger, forces are produced in non-instructed digits.  Neurophysiologists call this ‘enslavement’.  Enslavement results in a spill-over in neural drive to other digits.

Grip Machine

Much of the pattern of force development matches the daily use of fingers.  If one can illicit the appropriate neural drive to the digit of choice, maximal force in a particular finger can be achieved when called upon.

Those with amazing hand strength often have abnormal control of their fingers.  In the following photo is such an athlete, he is able to extend all his fingers while touching his index finger to his palm.

Middle, ring and pinky fingers are straight, while index is fully touching the surface of his hand.

index hand

In the next photo enslavement is much greater in the middle finger.  The strong handed athlete has slight movement of the index and ring finger.  Yet he is still displaying an abnormal ability to control the middle finger.

middle finger

Below, the ring finger is pressed on the palm and all other digits are flat and straight.

ring finger

Here the pinky is flat to the palm, all other digits are straight.  What is interesting is that these movements are done with very little effort.

pnky finger

Whether running, jumping, changing directions or grasping to be elite it requires tremendous skill, which requires the appropriate neural commands.  Neural commands get rid of the strength deficit due to enslavement.  The Mind Matters.

Thinking Gets You Strong.

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