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The Minimum


For an athlete the minimum threshold for a positive result is body weight management. He or she will never get to the level they are capable of unless one’s body weight is under control. Strength, power, quickness, explosiveness, rest, recovery, attitude and behavior are all aspects of athleticism that are tied into standing on a scale and the resultant weight.

When you watch sports with weight classes such as rowing, boxing, weightlifting, wrestling and mixed martial arts if one of the athletes fails to make weight you immediately know something was wrong with their approach to training there is and was a problem. If an athlete in a sport is too heavy or too light you know and they know they can do better, and something must change.

When monitored appropriately the scale tells the coach if there is an issue happening that may need to be corrected. When the athlete steps upon the scale and the weight is right or wrong the player knows there are steps that can be made to achieve their goals.


To be great, manage the minimum.


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