The Pendulum Standing Leg Curl is adjustable, it's on wheels and is easy to move with little effort.  It can be connected in seconds to any weight stack with a low pulley in your facility.

Attached to Weight Stack on the Pendulum Pulldown

The biarticular hamstring muscles have regional differences in muscle activation when training on different devices.  Normally, when training on a standing or prone leg curl the lower lateral and lower medial hamstring are most affected.  Knowing this the Pendulum Standing Leg Curl was built so the muscle activation was centrally located on the hamstring.

The machine also was designed to allow the athlete the ability to freely adjust his or her body position.  This gives the athlete and trainer the capability to specifically target areas of the musculature.  If the athlete  slightly inwardly rotates the lower leg while training, the semitendinosus and semimembranosus are most affected.  If the trainee slightly outwardly rotates the lower leg the bicep femoris becomes the target.

Get the hamstrings Strong bring the leg curl to where you are training.

The Pendulum Standing Leg Curl