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The Modified Flexed-arm Hang

A man doing modified Flexed-arm Hang

When coaching young athletes male or female, getting them to be able to do chins or pull-ups is often problematic.  Many coaches teach the timed flexed-arm hang to strengthen the athlete.  Normally a flexed-arm hang is done with the forearms at a right angle to the upper arm.  For inexperienced athletes this too can be difficult and requires further strengthening to achieve this position.

Timed Flexed-arm Hang at 90 Degrees

Timed Modified flexed-arm hang:

The modified flexed-arm hang is executed on the pull-up bar.  Climb to whereby your chin is above the bar.  Grasp the bar with your hands approximately shoulder-width apart.  The backs of the hands must be toward the face and the thumbs must be under the bar.  When ready step back and release oneself to a hanging position where the chin is above the bar.  Timing is started and then is stopped when the chin rests on the bar — goes below the bar — or the head tilts backwards in order to keep the chin above the bar.  The goal is 90 seconds in this modified position, once accomplished in the next workout the lifter should be able to move to the flexed-arm hang at 90 degrees.

Modified Flexed-arm Hang


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