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The Nehring Squat

A man performing a squat exercise

Sixteen miles from Lower Manhattan in the Village of South Orange, New Jersey lies Seton Hall University. The Seton Hall pirates participate in the NCAA‘s Division 1 and are members of the Big East Conference.

In 2013 Jason Nehring was brought to Seton Hall to help lead the University in athletic development. Jason has a strong background in Strength and Conditioning, spending seven years coaching at Penn State, six years at the University of Kentucky and 4 years with the Minnesota Vikings.

Jason has a wealth of knowledge and shares it with a simple, but difficult exercise that can be used in many ways to develop strength.

Squat Exercise and its Use:

Utilize bands as a squatting substitute when weight training equipment is unavailable.

Utilize bands or the same movement without bands following a squat, leg press or any lower body movement.

Utilize without bands applying manual resistance.  A partner applies manual pressure on the hips while maintaining the prescribed form.

Nehring’s Band Squat Form:

The athlete places the bands under the feet and at the base of the lumbar spine, he or she grasps the bands ankle high. The head must be down, eyes looking at feet the entire movement.

From a low position the athlete raises the hips to whereby, they are never locked out and achieves a height slightly above a 45 degree angle.

Jason has many ways to do this exercise.  To start it is suggested a banded set of 10 reps with a 10 count pause at the top of the last rep of the movement.  This would be done following a barbell squat or leg pressing. Once the athlete is in shape to handle the additional stress progress to 1 or 2 sets of 30 reps pausing for a 10 count on rep 10, 20 and repetition 30.

As Nehring describes it – it will ‘smoke’ your quads and Get you Strong.

The Athlete Gets into a Low Tuck Position Keeping the Head Down

Begin Moving Upwards Maintaining Form with Head Down

Full Range is Just Above a 45 Degree Angle of the Upper Thigh



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