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The No Hand Shrug

The No Hand Shrug

Very seldom in any contact sport do you complete a season without a hand or lower arm injury.

When playing a collision sport it is extremely important to keep the stiffness and volume of the muscles of the head and neck up, especially during the season. Continuing to train all the cervical musculature means also training the trapezius.

At the University of Toledo heavy rubber bands are used for the traps in an effective no hand shrug movement. This is an important exercise especially when an athlete can not do a barbell or dumbbell shrug.

No hand shrugs are also effective following heavy shrugging movements to promote further fatigue.

For those athletes who’s grip fails before their traps are overloaded, the no hand shrug is a must, while they continue to develop their hand strength. Strength Coach, Mike MacPherson of Toledo, demonstrates the exercise.

To increase the resistance simply spread your feet before beginning and change the resistance accordingly by measuring the width of the stance. Make sure there is a pause at the top of each movement and hold the contraction.

Shrug Exercise

Shrug Exercise

A great lift to keep your athletes strong or to Get them Strong.

Pendulum Hip Press

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