The Pause That Matters                                                                                                                       

Certainly it is known that the musculoskelatal anatomy of the human neck is complex. Twenty pairs (depending how we count them) of superficial and deep muscles act on the cervical spine to achieve diverse multidirectional movements.


It has been assumed that the deep neck muscles surrounding the cervical spine would  function as postural and the superficial as the fundamental movers. In other words it was thought that the superficial and deep muscles had different roles in stabilizing the spine and moving the neck. This assumption meant the superficial muscles like the trapezius and the sternocleidomastoid were prime movers and the seldom talked about muscles like the multifidis played the role of posture and stabilization..


As it turns out, as the load increases when exercising, the nervous system recruits the muscles that can help produce the adequate force to move the load in the required direction. When you pause at the top of the movement, exercising your neck, all of your neck muscles are involved totally independent of muscle layers.

Pause for a full second at the top of every repetition when training your neck and all the fibers will join in ......When you want to Get Strong in training it is The Pause That Matters.


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