The Pendulum Cam                                                                                         

The Pendulum Cam is a rotating mechanical linkage that transforms rotary motion by varying the mechanical resistance to match the muscular lever system.  The shape of the cam and the ability to change how it is put to use allows a single mechanism to train more than one part of the human

The Pendulum Cam was designed to train the musculature that moves the neck.  It was also designed to specifically train the head muscles that tilt the head backwards, while lifting the chin up and the nodding muscles that bring the head downwards and tuck the chin. 


When training the neck muscles on the Pendulum machine the cam was made to flatten out when the neck is ventrally returned to the starting position.  This trains the musculature of the head and neck to protect you from a direct blow to the face.  

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By using the first hole the cam is in the starting position and the neck will be trained extensively.  Moving the selector pin to the fourth hole trains the back of the heads suboccipitol head muscles.  This head position is called the 25 Degree Tilt. 

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Moving the selector pin to the fourth hole from the end of the cam isolates the longus coli, longus capitis, rectus capitis anterior, as well as, the hyoids.  This motion is called the Nod. 


cam6Training the head and neck protects the athlete when he or she takes the field.  Make sure each athletes not only trains the neck in 4 directions, but also does the Tilt and Nod each workout to Get Strong.


The above is a photo of the Colgate University Weight Room.  At Colgate they place an emphasis on protecting their athletes.