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The Pinch Grip

A woman performing a grip exercise

The following classifications of hand grips are used to maximize the development of the intrinsic and extrinsic muscles of the hands. These grasping categories are more general than those used in scientific taxonomy, but are important for strength training and rehabilitation. The following blog discussion will be looking at the Pinch Grip.

  1. Power Grip

  2. Hook Grip

  3. Ball Grip

  4. Pinch Grip

  5. Finger Ab/Adduction

  6. Precision Grip

  7. Wrist Flexion/Extension

A static hold of an object between thumb and finger is a Pinch Grip. In sport and in daily living a pinching grasp is commonplace in manipulating and controlling objects. Training the pinch grip is important in finger and forearm development. Since the palmar surface does not contribute to the hand’s available force; you quickly understand the value of training the hands in this particular way.

When training the hands vary the size of the objects and the number of fingers used to manipulate it.

Pinch Grip Wrist Rollers

There are a variety of ‘Heavy Hands’ pinch grip implements that are available to choose from. Select a desired width to work with and attach it to the vertical lifting sleeve, see how much weight you can hold for 60 to 90 seconds.

Heavy Hands’ Develop a Strong Pinch Grip


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