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The Power Grip

A woman using a gripping tool

In weight training grasp techniques are classified to help maximize the growth of the intrinsic and extrinsic muscles of the hands.          

  1. Power Grip

  2. Hook Grip

  3. Ball or Sphere Grip

  4. Pinch Grip

  5. Finger Ab/Adduction

  6. Precision Grip

  7. Wrist Flexion/Extension

Though the classifications are more general than those used in scientific taxonomy they are important for strength training and rehabilitation.  Having particular weightlifting tools to selectively target anatomical areas is key.  Having strong hands can change athleticism and change the outcome of competition.  In this blog the hands Power Grip will be discussed.

The Power Grip is when the fingers are flexed according to the shape of the object and are opposed by the thumb and the bulk of the palm of the hand contributes to the force.  The fingers are laterally rotated and inclined to the ulnar side of the hand.

The ideal wrist roller for power grip development should be tapered to elicit maximum hand strength capabilities during the movement.  Tapered wrist rollers circumference should vary from wide to thin mimicking the many ways we grasp using this powerful grip.

The hands power grip, like it’s name is powerful and the appropriate instruments of all dimensions should be accessible on your Pendulum Grip Cart.

Use a Tapered Wrist Roller to Train the Power Grip

Mid-size Power Grip Roller

Thinner Style Power Grip Wrist Roller

Another important power grip tool is the hand gripper.  Hand grippers allow you to progress through their numbering and/or lettering systems and periodically challenge yourself to see how far your grip strength has improved..

Load your Cart with Grippers to Train the Hands Power Grip


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