It is common to have strength and conditioning tests in athletic programs; maximum strength, repetition strength, velocity strength tests, sprint tests, agility tests, endurance tests the kinds and the choices are numerous. The following is another test you may consider to be administered at the completion of a workout - The Rope Pull For Time.

At the completion of a training session tighten the patented Pendulum Rope Pull so the rope can barely be drawn without great effort. Gather the group of athletes working at that particular Power Rack station. Each athlete will be competing against the other to find who is capable of tugging the rope from the beginning to end with the fastest time.

This is a challenging test of strength and muscular endurance. The motivation can be increased by having everyone in the group predict the winner and order of finish - with the understanding no matter what the order of finish, all will be Getting Strong.

Test strength, endurance, and competitive spirit with Pendulum Rope Pull.

The Pendulum Adjustable Rope Pull