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The Seat Angle

The Pendulum Hip Press has a unique seat angle. Because of its slope it seems when sitting that an athlete would slide out of the seat or have difficulty maintaining his or her position when training on the machine. Actually, it is the opposite once seated with feet resting on the foot pad  the lifter is locked in and it feels right. 

Pendulum Hip Press Angle

When pressing, as the glutes contract the athlete does not rise up as they do on a leg press with a perpendicular seat.  Having the right seat angle is extremely important in keeping the stress on the hips, which is the best way to Get Strong.

Pendulum Hip Press

Getting Strong on the Pendulum Hip Press


Belt Squat Attachment

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Rack Attachments

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Grand Valley State University

Built to be different from the rest. Grand Valley State University with the brand-new state of the art Pendulum weight room.