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The Shot Put Is Not Just For Track

The Shoulder Shot Put Press
The clavicle, scapula and humerus meet to form our shoulder. The shoulder is known for its mobility and stability.

When you do a pulling movement, the tendons of the rotator cuff get a little space in the shoulder joint, as the head of the humerus is pulled away from the glenoid fossa.


External rotation of the upper arm is tied into supination of the forearm. Supinating the forearm in overhead movements also allows for more joint space similar to rowing movements. Supination means that the right thumb moves in a clockwise direction.


In overhead pressing movements the humeral head is pushed towards the socket. Knowing that you can increase the joint space and get tendon relief by manipulating the hand is beneficial when training.

Having a few shot puts of varying weight can be excellent weight lifting tools for those who have low levels of shoulder pain while still actively playing sport.

Keeping the volume of your musculature up during a season is important.  Pain inhibits function and promotes atrophy and if not tended to, the shoulder will become worse.

If an athlete has a shoulder issue and is encouraged to continue training, work around the pain and strengthen all the structures of the joint as possible. To keep overhead pressing you may take a shot put, rest it in your hand and slowly begin a seated ovehead press.


Start with your elbow tucked to your chest and any spot you feel pain move your elbow and supinate your hand to find a range of motion that does not hurt. Keep raising your arm until you finally can press overhead. When the shot put is overhead, extend your arm as high as possible at the top of the movement. After a full second pause and ease into lowering the shot put, moving your arm accordingly to avoid any pain.Workout

Do as many pressing reps as possible, as long as the pain does not become progressive. If you can’t do this exercise see a trainer.


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