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The Shoulder Press

A man using a Pendulum shoulder press

The bench press may be the most popular upper torso exercise there is in strength training and is geared toward pectoralis and shoulder development. Yet, the shoulder’s deltoid is considered a primary motor muscle in many upper body strength training actions.

The use of the shoulder press increases greater anterior deltoid muscle activity when compared to the bench press. The medial portion of the deltoid also becomes more active when overhead pressing. The posterior portion of the deltoid has low muscle recruitment during benching due to its function of stabilization during the bench pressing movement. All these actions are important considerations during exercise selection and prioritization.

Regardless of how the overhead press is incorporated into your workout regime it is an exercise that should not be neglected to Get and keep the shoulder Strong.

Pendulum Shoulder Incline
Pendulum Shoulder Incline
Pendulum Shoulder Incline
The Pendulum Shoulder Press will Get you Strong


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