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The Strongest Man In The Room

The strongest man in the weight room is often not the strongest man in the room.

Many weight rooms have record boards that post the results of strength tests.  An athlete having his name at the top gives him pride.  Having the best bench press or squat on a team gives him a certain recognition.

Squatting large weights with a barbell across ones shoulders requires strength and above all an excellent lever system. Changing a lever system by only a few degrees not only dictates how much weight that can be lifted, but also which muscles are used to move the load.  A few degrees can become a large amount of weight.

Pendulum Squat Pro

SquatThe Pendulum Squat Pro was designed with a floating yoke.  The yoke keeps tension on the musculature.  As the athletes lever system changes during the squatting movement the Squat Pro changes with him.  This allows all lifters to squat with  approximately the same good form, that is, the back at an angle of about 110 degrees.

Schools who have added the Pendulum Squat Pro to their exercise regime have discovered an interesting issue.  Often when their squat record board leaders train on the machine they are surpassed in strength by others who are not thought to be nearly as strong.  An ego problem for the leaders and an interesting discovery for the coaches.

Strength testing is always specific to the task and exercise tool used to measure the results.  Having an exercise device that allows all the testers to at least use the same form is an important first step.  Having a testing tool that keeps the load constantly on the muscular tissue is also important when trying to collect meaningful information and discern results.

Having an exercise device that causes high muscular tension and is difficult for everyone, is how you ….Get Strong

Pendulum Squat


Freedom To Excel

The human body is described as having 6 degrees of freedom for each of its segments. Degrees of freedom refers to the number of ways a rigid body can move in three-dimensional space, up/down, left/right,  in/out and in 3 rotations;...

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