The Purpose of a Wrist Roller is to Develop a Powerful Grip                                                                                                     

Often athletes use a wrist roller to finish a strength training session.  Many feel a fatigued grip will interfere with the success of a workout and place hand training last.  The wrist roller is often deemed an assistance exercise.

Having a powerful grip will change an athlete's performance at many levels and should be something strived for, not relegated to the finishing of ones exercise regime.  Training your hands first in a workout is not wrong, the exercise needn't be the last thing done.

When using a wrist roller have strict rules to follow so the exercise is progressive, precise, repeatable and extremely difficult.

describe the imageSelect the thinnest wrist roller you can find.  Thin wrist rollers require a great deal of wrist extension.  Stand on a bench to do the movement.  The reason you want to stand on a bench is that the rope extends another 18-24 inches.  On the bench extend your arms.  The weight should be laying on the floor.  You want your arms fully extended and the roller directly in front of your chin.

Select a weight you can roll up and down twice without bending your elbows or deviating from the posture of the beginning position.   Keep your thumb beside your index finger at all times.  Your arms must remain straight and not drop or rise above parallel and your body must remain still with the exception of the movement of your hands.  

The rule is this:

Your goal is to complete two continuous reps.  Each rep must be done with absolute perfect form.  If you cannot accomplish this or break form in any way start over and attempt again with the same you may have not given it your all If you fail again lower the weight 2.5 pounds, rest and repeat.  You must get 2 continuous reps even if it means just eventually rolling up the rope without weight.

Keep the wrist roller on a roll and Get Strong.

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