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There Is Always Room

A man using the Pendulum 4-Way Neck Machine

In the 2021 Journal of Sports Medicine one of its most recent articles was a literature review on neck training,… “Injury prevention programs which include neck strengthening exercises may reduce the incidence of sport-related head and neck injuries including concussion: A systematic review.”  ….researchers profess the importance of multifaceted neck interventions to reduce sports related concussions.

The first goal of any conditioning program is Preventative Sports Medicine. To ensure this is accomplished a strength and conditioning program must include exercises for the entire anatomical system which includes the head and neck. It is important to make sure there is always room for neck exercise machines in a facility…..If space is an issue; reorganize the room, remove and replace equipment, remove walls, use hallways, build a new facility, additional room can be found.  To strengthen and protect add Pendulum Neck Machines to your facility …there is always space.

Pendulum Neck Machine
The Pendulum 4-Way Neck Machine Find Room



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