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Three Dimensional Squat Closer

A man working out with a weight plate

Coach Mike Wolf spent 15 years as Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Philadelphia Eagles and was voted Strength and Conditioning Coach of the year in 2001 by his NFL peers. He has coached at the Cleveland Browns, Minnesota Vikings, Vanderbilt, Lehigh, Penn State and is currently Director of Trainer Development at Ignition APG.

3D Squat Closer

Immediately Following a Leg Press, Barbell Squat or Belt Squat:

Select a Weight Plate

  1. Transverse Plane – toes in/toes out 
  2. Frontal Plane – feet wide/feet narrow
  3. Sagittal Plane – stationary lunge right/ stationary lunge left
  4. 5-10 Reps – each movement 
  5. Get Strong



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Built to be different from the rest. Grand Valley State University with the brand-new state of the art Pendulum weight room.