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Three Is A Charm

Three Ways To Maximize Head and Neck Strength

Pendulum Neck Machine

The number three is the first uneven number containing an even one.  ‘Three is a charm’ is based upon the belief that the third time you do something it is more likely to work.  Certainly strength training the head and neck is not based on idioms or proverbs, but adaptations of the physiological system.  The number 3 does come into play as there are three distinct methods of training this vital area of the musculature to augment it’s size and strength.

To maximize  the size and strength of your head and neck musculature include these three techniques as part of your training.

Train with a clenched jaw 

Train with a mouthguard

Train without clenching your jaw

Mouthguards and teeth clenching help include muscles that are not always active or may not be able to contract maximally.  Yet training without jaw clenching or a mouthguard is important as well.  How you implement these methods into your program is up to each coach.  Just remember to be consistent and progressive to Get Strong.

Pendulum Neck Machine


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