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Too Much Of A Good Thing

ProteinSometimes You Can Have Too Much Of A Good Thing                                                     

Muscle hypertrophy occurs from an increased rate of protein synthesis that chronically exceeds the rate of protein breakdown. A great reason to insure that athletes as well as all individuals have adequate protein in their diets following training.

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Yet everyone should realize proteins are involved in virtually all cell functions.  The effect of protein is far reaching.  Each protein within the body has a specific function.  Proteins are involved in structural support, bodily movement and defense against germs.  Proteins are enzymes, they are hormonal, structural, and are transporters.  They are your hair, nails, muscle, saliva, and hemoglobin.  Proteins are worker molecules that are necessary for every activity in your body from blinking, breathing, to the digestion of food.  Athletes who add protein to their diets to build muscle are certainly effecting the bodies chemistry in lots and lots of ways, some wanted, some unwanted.

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Studies of regulated high protein diets have quite consistently been shown to result in greater weight loss, greater fat loss, and preservation of lean mass as compared with regulated “lower” protein diets. The conundrum is this…studies are monitored by professionals and the food intake is prescribed, examined and analyzed, something that is seldom done with the majority of people who play sport.

It seems to be true that athletes need more protein than non-athletes. Looking at diets you suddenly find that most athletes eat much more protein than needed.  Dieticians take groups of athletes and analyze their food intake. What they find is that it becomes a struggle for the athlete to reduce protein usage.  The majority are normally over indulging in the macromolecules.

The body is not a chemistry set to play with. The results of self-supplementation affect athletic performance positively or negatively and effect many things that are totally unrelated to anything but long term health.  Be smart as you Get Strong. Supplement yourself with a diet of hard work.

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