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Top Load

The barbell squat is seemingly simple, yet is a complex movement. Coaches and athletes learn and/or teach various training techniques to attain a low position to enhance overall development. The deep squat affects the movement of each joint by the inhibition of another joint as one descends and ascends. In performing the exercise there is knee and hip flexion, internal and external rotation of the hip joint, trunk rotation and tilt, pelvic tilt and more. 

It is well known that all can quarter and parallel squat a great deal more weight than fully back squatting. So, what is the best way to enhance one’s muscular strength?

When doing a barbell back squat the hardest part of the movement is having the strength to come out of the low or bottom position. Historically, this position has been nicknamed the ‘hole’ namely because of the effort it takes to move upward. Strategies are shared worldwide in learning the best way to acquire the strength to ‘come out of the hole’ so one can attain full maximal power.

Pendulum has solved this problem by developing a unique machine that addresses strengthening the lowest position of squatting. 

By top loading the Pendulum Squat Pro the load targets the bottom of the squat movement and when one ascends it lessens the weight at the appropriate time and angle. This allows the athlete to continually apply as much force needed in the low position and be able to finish a repetition. The machine is adjusting the load rather than the lifter doing it with his or her form.

The Squat Pro machine is able to do this with weight placement with its ‘patented’ floating yoke that rests upon the athlete’s shoulders. The yoke keeps the weight always upon the musculature as the joints interact and inhibit one another – something that does not occur with a bar resting on one’s shoulders.

When you’re in a ‘hole’ stop digging. Pendulum will help you get out and Get Strong!!

Pendulum Power Squat Pro

Get Strong


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