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Top Ten

Hip Press.
  1. Skipping Breakfast. Eating breakfast can jump-start your metabolism and help your body and your brain function at their best all day long.
  2. Not Hydrating. Dehydration impairs performance. Drink fluids (water, fat free or low fat or chocolate milk,100% fruit juice and sports drinks) throughout the day, as well as before, during and after training and competition.
  3. Eating fewer calories than you are burning.  You know you are in a energy deficit when you feel tired both during the day and while working out and not making progress towards your sports goal.
  4. Not eating before training. Your body needs fuel to workout. Easy to digest carbohydrates and protein are the right suggestions and then find what types work the best for your body.
  5. Not refueling after exercise. Recovery means more than stretching, resting, or cooling down. Recovery means repairing muscle tissue and replacing fuel stores for the next workout. Eat carbohydrates and protein within the first 15-30 minutes post exercise and two hours later.
  6. Eating too much protein. Athletes tend to fill up on protein foods and short-change their carbohydrate fuel.
  7. Choosing sports drinks and shakes instead of food. Drinks and shakes can be useful tools but nothing beats real food. Be aware of their content and avoid empty calories.
  8. Trusting supplement labels. Don’t believe everything you read on supplement labels. The industry is unregulated. Do diligent research.
  9. Trying all the latest nutritional fads. There are no shortcuts to success.
  10. Thinking exercise is a free pass for overeating. Nutrition is an important part of athletic performance. Plan your eating around your training and watch what you consume or your training may be for nothing.

Training on the Pendulum Hip Press
Training on the Hip Press


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