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Train, Recover, Eat, Sleep, Grow

Workout plan

Recovery methods from training and practice are important in athletics. Post exercise nutrient timing, supplementation, fuel stations, aquatic therapy, cold water immersion, underwater treadmills, steam, massage, compression, contrast therapy, and recovery rooms are some of the many strategies coaches and athletes utilize to enhance performance. 

Refueling station

In managing the balance between stress and recovery the most difficult for a coaching staff and often the athlete to manage is sleep. Sleep deprivation increases catabolism and decreases anabolism; which impacts muscle repair, it changes appetite and impacts energy expenditure and it decreases the regeneration of carbohydrate stores. Reduced sleep results in impaired protein synthesis and can blunt training adaptations and recovery. Sleep plays the key role in post-exercise fatigue reduction and the reversal of the processes that lead to fatigue.

The stresses of competition, schedule, training, practice, travel, school, studying, socializing, family and much more affect adequate rest and it’s important to understand adequate sleep is not a one-size- fits-all recommendation.

The science of sleep

When designing practice schedules, meetings and workouts coaches should be aware of the implications of sleep on fatigue and recovery. A continual emphasis on its importance addressing napping and evening habits so that the athlete and those involved understand how lack of this factor interferes with all the effort that has been engaged in development.


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Grand Valley State University

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