You aways need something to read on a holiday. A holiday is a great day to read and 'Train the Brain to Get Strong.'



Alex Karras, a former Detroit Lion, Pro Wrestler and Actor said this... "Toughness is in the souls and spirit not in the muscles."

fighter3 In the national best seller, A Fighters Heart, Sam Sheridan takes the readers with him as he steps into the world of professional fighting to uncover the truth about the mental game of the world's most fascinating and dangerous men.

He takes you into the minds and inner psyche of Gold Medalist Dan Gable, champion fighters Randy Couture, Frank Shamrock and Marcel Garcia; celebrated trainers Freddie Roach and Greg Jackson; ultrarunner David Horton; and the chest prodigy turned tai chi expert Josh Waitzkin, and others.

Trainer Greg Jackson......


"Your mind is a muscle and you have to exercise it. And I don't mean crossword puzzles, though that helps. What we did today, those flutter kicks? I can get them in shape any way, a treadmill. But that's not why you do those exercises. You do it to acquire mental stamina as well as physical toughness. You do brutal workouts to get used to suffering so that suffering doesn't become a defining deal."

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