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Train Those Beams

Ralph Cornwell is a Ph.D. candidate in health promotion/human performance at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Prior to pursuing his Doctoral Degree he was a collegiate strength coach.

He is currently developing a  protocol for strength training the musculature that protects the cervical spine.

Biopolmer molecules can resist bending forces similar to the bending elasticity of flexible beams. Bent squeezed or pulled molecules try to drift back to their equilibrium distribution. This occurrence represents an opposing effect against external forces and they act as entropy springs and dissipate the energy.

Deflection of Beams:

The deformation of a beam is usually expressed in terms of its deflection from its original unloaded position. The deflection is measured from the original neutral surface of the beam to the neutral surface of the deformed beam. The configuration assumed by the deformed neutral surface is known as the elastic curve of the beam.
Elastic Curve

Deflection of Necks:

The deformation of a neck is usually expressed in terms of its deflection from its original unloaded position. By increasing the number of molecules in the neck which is done by developing muscular tissue you obviously increase its strength and reduce deflection thereby protecting the athlete.

Make sure you train the athletes’ neck this season and reduce deflection.


Pendulum WorkoutPendulum WorkoutPendulum Workout


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