Not having an imbalance of muscular strength between an individuals right and left limb is important. Playing ones sport often causes asymmetric changes as the season progresses. This can be due to repetitive movements, bumps and bruises from contact or an injury that has not had time to properly heal. Training one leg at a time during a season and especially following one is imperative in balancing leg strength.


Training one leg at a time on the Pendulum Seated Squat




The stationary lunge is best performed immediately after training the same leg on the Pendulum Seated Squat. The key to the movement is that as the athlete lowers himself the front shin should not move and remain exactly perpendicular to the ground. Any movement of the shin is unacceptable during the exercise. The slightest movement allows the leg to lose musculature tension.


At the bottom of the movement the athlete must pause with the knee one inch off the ground for a full second with no movement of the tibia. The exercise continues until the athlete can no longer rise or maintain his balance.