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Training The Hips On The Hip Press

Many athletes use resistive bands to bench press and squat. Band attachments have become regular features on almost every power rack. Bands are used to change the strength curve of an exercise, overcome plateaus, rehabilitation, make a tough exercise tougher, add variety, and much more.

The Pendulum Hip Press is the only leg press designed that specifically targets the hips. Training on the Hip Press will help an athlete Get Strong in the low position of squatting as well as develop flexibility in the hip region. Training on the Pendulum Hip Press in itself is difficult. Darl Bauer, the Assistant Director of Strength and Conditioning at West Virginia University, shows us how he uses bands to make a tough exercise tougher.   

Band Training Hip Press

Band Attachments

Darl attaches bands across the lockouts of the Hip Press and has them rest across the top of his thighs during a set of leg presses.

Band Hip Press

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Darl Bauer Hip Press

Once the exercise is completed, the weight is returned to rest on the lockouts at the starting position. Darl immediately places the band on the back of his shoulders and begins squatting with great posture. The key is to never quite come to full extension at the top of the squat, keeping tension on the legs as well as not using ones arms to assist in the movement.

West Virginia Hip Press



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