Training The Traps                                                                                        

The trapezius is a large muscle that spans the neck, shoulder and back and requires at least three exercises to completely develop.

trapsThe upper trap is best developed by neck extension on a 4 or 5 Way neck machine.  Probably the next best exercise to activate the upper tapezius musculature is a one arm dumbbell or a machine shrug. This is very effective as the upper trap is pulling the clavicle upwards.

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The middle trap draws the shoulders up and in.  A seated or standing barbell or dumbbell shrug with both hands gets the job done.

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The lower trap seems to be the most neglected part of the trapezius.  The scapula, clavicle and arm work as a team.  Neglecting one area of the trap diminishes the effectiveness the musculoskeletal unit.  A one arm seated overhead press with one appendage fixed by holding on to a bench fires up the lower trap especially if you lower the weight slowly.

describe the imageA Kelso shrug that is scapula retraction with an underhand grip, followed by a row on a row machine isolates the lower trap.  The one arm press is good, but this movement with scapula retraction followed by bringing the hands to the arm pits for 10-15  reps is probably the best exercise for the lower fibers of the trapezius muscle.  The athlete will immediately understand what is occurring as this area is often as mentioned, circumvented.

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 Train The Traps Three Ways To Get Strong.




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