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Trapezius Myalgia

Sometimes Having Fun Can Be A Pain In The Neck

Diagnosed chronic neck pain ‘trapezius myalgia’ has become prevalent, being only second to low back pain in men and women.  It is speculated that this is due to repetitive tasks such as working on the keyboard as we type for school or work, coupled with the use of the internet. It also must be remembered that the internet and computer games have become part of our recreational patterns adding to the strength coaches dilemma.

Human AnatomyBreaking cycles of pain with specific exercises has shown to disrupt neck pain from trapezius myalgia.  Training the trapezius and neck, as well as lateral raises, one arm-rows and Kelso shrugs has been shown to clear up the issue more so than those who have simply just chosen rest and no activity or those placed on a general exercise program with little direct work to the aforementioned exercises.

The dilemma for the strength coach is that trapezius myalgia may show up as back pain and misdirect his efforts to eliminate the problem.  It is important to have a well balanced program that includes all the musculature of the athletes anatomy especially in a day an age where repetitive tasks are internet surfing and computer games.

The Pendulum 5 Way Neck machine develops the trapezius, the muscles of the head, & neck and gives you the muscular endurance needed to dismiss chronic neck pain due to overuse.

Pendulum Equipment

Wayland High School begins to install a series of Pendulum machines to Get Strong.  The Pendulum 5 Way Neck not only will help the athletes, but will help to reduce the pain of studying and typing out those final exams.

Pendulum Equipment

Pendulum Equipment


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