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Try 10,000 Reps

8 Weeks 10,000 Reps                                                                                                      

10,000 Reps

Choose Any 5 Exercises

First two weeks do the following twice per week:

Day 1 – Start each exercise with a weight you can do 20 repetitions to fatigue with great form.  Upon completion rest briefly and continue the same exercise until you can achieve 50 reps total.  This may require several sets.

Day 2 – Begin with the same weight you used the previous day for the same exercise and go to fatigue.  If you can achieve more than 20 reps on the first set add 10 pounds to your starting weight the next workout.  Your goal is to achieve 50 reps in the least amount of sets possible.


1. Shrug – 50 reps

2. Pendulum Vertical Chest Press – 50 reps

3. Pendulum 3 Way Row – 50 reps

4. Pendulum Shoulder Press – 50 reps

5. Pendulum Squat Pro – 50 reps

The next 6 weeks three Days per week:

Do 100 reps of each exercise each workout.  Start with the appropriate weight from your last workout.  Implore the same rules and rep scheme as you used the first two weeks. Record everything, always try to improve by beating your first 20 reps or complete the routine in the fewest sets as possible.


1. Shrug – 100 reps

2. Pendulum Vertical Chest Press – 100 reps

3. Pendulum 3 Way Row – 100 reps

4. Pendulum Shoulder Press – 100 reps

5. Pendulum Squat Pro – 100 reps

Working out on Pendulum Equipment

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