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Twenty Yard Shuttle Run

A man lining up for a drill

The following is a twenty yard shuttle drill to improve movement skills. It is to be done at full speed. The times to shoot for are provided below.

The runner starts by straddling line A, facing the TIMER. When ready the player turns and sprints to line B, touching the line with the Right hand the athlete quickly sprints to line C and touches with the Left hand, turning as quickly as possible the runner sprints past line A, which is the finish line. The time is recorded.


Times For The Twenty Yard Shuttle

Position     Time             Position     Time

FB              4.35               FS              4.25                                      

HB              4.26               SS             4.30

QB              4.45              DC             4.22

WR             4.32              ILB             4,42

TE               4.34             OLB            4.42 

OC              4.77              DE             4.50

OG              4.82              DT             4.75

OT             4,84               NT             4.65

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