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Ulna Digits

Grip Pro Machine

Standing with the palms forward the ulna is located on the little finger side of the forearm and the radius on the thumb side. There is a decrease in strength when the ulnar digits are uninvolved when grasping and squeezing, as they play a significant role in overall grip strength. Studies have found exclusion of these two digits results in somewhere between a 34% to 67% loss in the ability to grip. Not engaging just the ring finger from a functional grip movement lowers the overall grip strength by 21%.

Knowing a digits strength contribution makes it easy to understand the importance of having powerful fingers, as each digit comes into play when grasping. The hands exemplify what a strong torso can accomplish. How we grasp an object allows the body to maximize its power, and the littlest of the fingers contributes much more than one might initially realize or expect.

Pendulum Power Grip Pro
Pendulum Power Grip Pro


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