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Understanding The Seated Squat

Understanding The Seated Squat                                                                                                                                                                       

Pendulum Squat Pro

The knee joint is the largest and possibly the most complex synovial joint in the body. Surrounded by the lubricating synovial fluid the joints allow for a high degree of movement.  Movement is what a coach and athlete are interested in and targeting specific areas of the musculature surrounding the knee joint is important.

Squatting produces co-contraction of the quadriceps and hamstring muscles.  A leg press produces a quadriceps muscle dominant contraction.  During the horizontal leg press the body is positioned behind the knee joint.  The quadriceps must powerfully contract to control the increasing knee flexion angle.  During a squat the body is positioned only slightly posterior to the knee resulting in an elevated co-contraction between the quadriceps and hamstring muscles, both are excellent exercises, both target specific areas of our structure.

Pendulum Squat Pro

Tyler Hobson, the inventor of Pendulum, understanding muscular synergism designed the Pendulum Seated Squat to take advantage of the bodies leverage.  When you release the foot pad from fused to an independent motion the quadricep becomes the focal point.  Tyler also designed the foot pad so the athletic trainer could manipulate foot placement to affect cruciate ligament loading for rehabilitative purposes.

To return an athlete quickly post knee injury to activity or to just Get an athlete tremendously Strong, add the Pendulum Seated Squat Pro to your weight room.

Pendulum Squat Pro



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