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Upper Body Beast

The New Upper Body Beast

WorkoutSunir Jossan has a Masters Degree in Exercise, over 20 years of fitness training and programming much of it for the United States Government. He has written numerous fitness articles and is certified as a SWAT Fitness Specialist. He resides in the Washington, DC area.

The other day I had the opportunity to demo the new Rogers Pendulum Shoulder/Incline.  I was pretty skeptical when Tyler Hobson, the Pendulum designer, told me about the machine.  His original Pendulum Chest and original Shoulder are favorites of mine and are tremendous training tools. The Chest really took the shearing off of the shoulder joint  and was built like a piece of art.  Probably one of the best Chest machines ever made and pretty easy to use .

My trainees rave about how they feel on the original shoulder machine. No pressure to shoulder joint and the great strength curve.  The machine has  allowed me to train those that  cannot press anymore or have had shoulder rehab.   Both, great tools in their own right and  built to stand  the test of time .

Pendulum Equipment

So, demoing the new Shoulder/Incline , I really had a bias to the old stuff.  After a tutorial from Tyler, a few seat adjustments and a few reps later .. I was blown away.

Pendulum EquipmentThe machine allows you to manipulate seat height, seat degrees, seat position and the hands starting positions.  Why is this important?  Most machines only allow you to vary the seat height.

By changing the start positions for the hands, combined with the seat adjustments, you can mold the machine around the trainee.  Its limitless.

Lay the angle back, move the seat forward  and bring the arms down – you are performing a chest press movement …. Move the seat more upright,  bring the seat back and you are performing  incline  press movement.     Want a shoulder press, bring the seat back up and raise the movement arms– ALL IN ONE MACHINE.

In my gym, space is an issue, 3 machines in one solves it.

It truly is a BEAST!!

Pendulum Equipment

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