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Warrior Medical and Fitness

Thanks to the fundraising efforts of Dan Geraci and Hardpressed Training out of Chicago, Warrior Medical and Fitness teamed with Rogers Athletics and donated a beautiful MX-4 wheelchair accessible Multi-exerciser for the VETS in San Antonio. The machine was painted in Blue and Gold and looked stunning in their Spinal Care Unit. The VA training staff was blown away at the quality of the machine, the professionalism of our team and cannot wait to get their soldiers training on it. This was the second VA to receive a donation of an MX-4. The Chicago VA received one in September.

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Warrior Medical and Fitness’s goal is to continue to raise funds to provide the MX-4 and other tools for our returning soldiers. More and more young men are coming home with multiple injuries, but still have their whole lives ahead of them. They need OUR help to make their daily life better, and of course strength training and fitness play a huge part. The Mx-4 provides those with accessible needs, the ability to perform productive strength exercises without supervision. This helps create independence and gives back something that was lost .

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Designed around the chair, the MX-4 is a weight lifters dream, built tough, yet still adaptable for specific needs.

Take a look at us ( … Join OUR cause …. Give back to those that have given so much for our freedoms ….Together we can make a difference !!!!

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