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Watching A Lot Of Film

Watching A Lot Of Film

Coaching requires endless hours of film study. Knowing your opponent as well as knowing your team, wins games. Coaching preparedness requires sitting. The American College of Sports Medicine suggest all adults should engage in 30 minutes or more of moderately intense physical activity daily.

Coach watching filmProlonged bouts of sitting time and lack of whole-body muscular movement presents health issues for the well organized coach.

Sitting is strongly associated with cardiovascular disease, abnormal glucose metabolism, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, obesity,  cancer, as well as mortality in general if it is independent of moderate to vigorous-intensity physical activity.

The excuse we make to ourselves is often that we do not have time to exercise. Life requires constant muscular activity or you risk all of the aforementioned diseases, one of which, will come sooner than expected. So if we are not active we must say to ourselves I only have time for risking my health today  I prefer not to engage  in muscular activity.

Do the best thing for yourself and your team this season stay active and Get Strong and still watch a lot of film.

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