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Weighted Chins And Dips

A man doing weighted dips

Chins and dips are great exercises that preceded the use of barbells and exercise machines. They are natural movements and necessitate very little in the way of equipment. Over time as strength training has evolved, respecting their physical developmental value, equipment companies found ways to augment chins and dips. They have done this by creating devices that accentuate these movements. Using a belt to add weight, having a strength curve, and having variable grips are ways that have led to an acceleration of the chin and dip training progression.

weighted pull ups on the Pit Shark
Weighted Chins on the Pit Shark

Chin-ups are great latissimus dorsi and elbow flexor movements. The ‘dip’ exercise is for the chest, shoulders, triceps and rhomboids. Building a device with a variety of gripping positions protects the elbow and hand from overuse as one continues to overload and Get Stronger.

Finding the best leverage point on the Pit Shark
Finding the Best Leverage Point and Height

Strength training dips with additional weight is part of providing progressive resistance, yet issues may arise. The hand is innervated by three nerves – the median, ulnar, and radial.  As one continues to Get Strong the ulnar nerve tends to be susceptible to the added pressure of this weighted dipping motion. This may cause pain in the heel of the hand radiating upwards towards the elbow. The nerve compression and uncomfortable feeling does not allow an individual to continue making progress with the exercise. A dip bar that has a larger than normal circumference and is angled appropriately, like the ‘Pit Sharks’, takes stress off the nerves in the hand, reduces undue stress on the elbow and shoulders, and allows an athlete to gain enormous strength.

Adding a belt with weight to a chin and dip exercise is beneficial. Using the Pit Shark wIth a belt system further enhances growth, speeding the desired development. A great way to Get Stronger.

Weighted chin ups on the Pit Shark
Pit Shark Dips



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