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When Damage Is Good

A woman working out on a pendulum seated squat pro

Initially when aggressively exercising on an unaccustomed exercise device  expect pronounced muscle damage.  Not a bad thing, as growth mechanisms are stimulated and protein synthesis is increased to support tissue repair. After several workouts and adaptation occurs the skeletal muscle growth that is looked for is accelerated.

The Journal of Physiology explains this in the research paper titled, Resistance training‐induced changes in integrated myofibrillar protein synthesis are related to hypertrophy only after attenuation of muscle damage., researchers concluded…”only after the attenuation of muscle damage does the protein synthesis response to resistance training correlate with skeletal muscle hypertrophy.”

Training a one legged leg press compared to a bilateral movement causes higher skeletal muscle damage.  This suggests that unilateral work would be the preferred form of exercise.  Yet, over an extended exercise program the benefit holds true only if there is between-limbs asymmetry that needs to be corrected or the modalities of single and bilateral movements are combined.

The Pendulum Squat Pro was designed to recruit as much tissue as possible.  When the first repetition is initiated there is immediate activity in the gluteal muscles, bicep femoris and a sudden tension in the center of the quadriceps.  The advantage of the increased muscle damage and its protein synthesis is leg rehabilitation and reversing leg imbalances.  An individual’s first experience on the Squat Pro is advantageous as it teaches what the pronounced effect of isolated exercise is supposed to feel like when training a single limb.

Correct leg muscular imbalances, improve rehabilitation, combine unilateral and bilateral training to enhance development and Get Strong utilizing the Squat Pro.

Single Leg on the Pendulum Squat Pro


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